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12 Life-Changing Quotes From Simon Sinek

I am such a lover of WORDS. Omg, I LOVE WORDS! I believe words are SUPER powerful and you have to understand the power behind every word that leaves your mouth. I think I love Simon Sinek more than words. He’s amazing! I will SOOOOO meet him one day!! Most, if not all of his words provoke thought! I’ve listed 12 Life-Changing Quotes from Simon Sinek! Hope these quotes are life-changing for you as well!

“Be the leader you wish you had.” I LOVE this quote. What I love about this quote is that it works for any area of your life. Be the MOM… Be the SPO– USE… Be the FRIEND… Be the CO-WORKER… Be the WHATEVER you wish you had. This quote shifts responsibility off of others and onto you. You can’t control what others do, but you have COMPLETE and TOTAL control over what you can do! So, be the ____ you wish you had!

“When you’re an optimist, life has a funny way of looking after you.” Think positive and positive things will happen to you and for you! I am a FIRM believer in training your MIND to only allow room for positivity. I use the word train because that’s exactly what you must do…TRAIN! Being a pessimist is a CHOICE. You don’t have to think so negatively. Choose to be an optimist and watch how your life changes!

“There are only two ways to influence human behavior: You can manipulate it, or you can inspire it.”  Wow, right? Unfortunately, manipulation is a way of life for some. I love this quote for many reasons but I choose to relate this quote to motherhood. It is important for me to BE the example for my children. I want them to be loving, I must show love. I want them to be responsible, so I must show them an example of a responsible human being. I want to inspire my children to successfully live their dreams because daily I strive to live my dreams before them! Don’t manipulate your children, inspire them!

“A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other.” When you don’t find people working together, there is always a TRUST issue!  When you find people you can trust, you’ll find your team!

“Excitement comes from the achievement. Fulfillment comes from the journey that got you there.” How many times have you heard “enjoy the journey”? Me, I’ve lost track. LOL! I don’t want a life full of excitement, I want a life full of fulfillment! Fulfillment requires the ability to LIVE in every moment without regret. Live intentionally. Make great decisions to best live YOUR life. Think about everything, SLOW down and enjoy your journey. What’s the rush?!

“We don’t build trust when we offer help. We build trust when we ask for it.” Moms, women, and humans all over the world. Listen carefully! IT’S OK TO ASK FOR HELP!! I’m totally yelling at myself. This is something I struggle with. I’m not sure why though. In my mind, I feel seeking help should be your LAST option. Is that right or wrong? I feel some people take advantage of the help. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. I’ve witnessed people asking for help when they haven’t exhausted all of their options! I’m getting better! Pray for me k! 🙂

“The goal is not to be perfect by the end. The goal is to be better today.” Perfection is an illusion. Something I wish I could tell my younger self. We’re not perfect and it’s ok. Nobody is. In life, we make good decisions and we make not so good decisions. I’m learning to be better. Each day I try to make it better than the day before. I strive to make decisions that will assist my growth not stunt my growth.

“The next time someone starts listing all the reason an idea won’t work or can’t happen, ask them to give you three reasons it can.” Tell Negative Nancy to go away! Far, far away! LOL! I’m learning some people are not necessarily negative, they just don’t know or understand! Still, ask them to give you three reasons your idea CAN work! The look on their face will be priceless! LOL!

“Dream big. Start small. But most of all, start.” Write down your ultimate goal and work your way backward. Every day I want you to CRUSH one goal. That’s it. It’s just that simple. Mommyheroes are GOAL CRUSHERS. We set amazing goals for ourselves and we win little victories daily. Start. NOW!

“Don’t show up to prove. Show up to improve.” Self-improvement is the way!! You have nothing to prove to anyone. Your only goal should be to be the love and the light. Be the reason why someone smiles. Be the reason why someone decides not to give up. Be the reason someone believes in their dreams. We improve and inspire!

“If you have a gift, it’s called a gift for a reason: you have to give it away.” The world is waiting for YOUR gift! We’re ready!! Give it to us, unapologetically. I can guarantee you there is someone that will appreciate and love your gift! Stop waiting for perfect packaging. We don’t care if your gift is perfectly wrapped with a huge bow on top, just give it to us!!

“We’d achieve more if we chased our dreams instead of our competition.” Focus on your dreams! Who cares what others are doing?! Stay in your lane, be kind to others, love your family and crush your goals!! That’s it. It’s just that simple!

Hope you enjoyed these life-changing quotes from Simon Sinek. Want more Simon Sinek? Watch here!

Until next time…

I love you Mommyhero!

Always remember, you are strong. You are great and you can do anything. 

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