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3 Innovative Baby Bottles

New mom?? Searching for new baby bottles?? Who knew searching for the “perfect” baby products could be so overwhelming? So many options, tons of consumer reports and customer reviews to read, not to mention the desire for the “best” products for your little prince or princess. I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it! Well, let me take the stress of finding the best bottle for your new baby away! I have researched, compared, and listed 3 innovative baby bottles just for YOU!!

The Comotomo baby bottle is my personal favorite! This sleek, breast-like bottle offers so many benefits for your little one. The soft and squishy bottle mimics moms breast and the nipple of the bottle is similar to a natural latch. The nipple flow is great for newborns! What I love most about this bottle is it’s SUPER easy to clean!! Definitely a bottle to consider for your little one!

Next up on the list is the creatively designed Kiinde Feeding Bottle System. This system is great for pumping moms! It is innovatively designed to easily transition from pumping to feeding in a few SIMPLE steps! What I LOVE most about this system is when your child is no longer drinking breastmilk, you can transition to Kiinde’s Foodii System. Talk about a GREAT investment! A sure #MomWin!!


Rounding this list out is the INCOMPARABLE Dr. Brown’s bottle. While this bottle is not the newest bottle on the market, it definitely helped set great bottle standards! This bottle will go down in history for helping reduce colic in babies! This bottle worked great for all three of my children, both with breastmilk and formula! I must admit the clean up is a con for sure – it has a few pieces! But for me, the pros outweigh the cons by a long shot!

Hope you’ve found this post helpful. Remember, technology is always changing and products are becoming more innovative by the second. Be sure to choose the BEST products for YOU and YOUR baby, regardless of what’s trending!

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