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3 PRACTICAL Products You Need For A Newborn

Hello, Mommyheroes!!

Yes, I know…It’s been a LONG time! However, I am back and better than ever!! On June 22 at 11:37 am, we welcomed a new addition to our family! Let me introduce you to Liam Alexander!

Isn’t he just the cutest baby in the entire world?! He is the BEST baby ever – I say that about all of my children! 😍 Becoming a mom of four has been exciting, yet terrifying at times! It has taken me a while to adjust and in all honesty, I’m STILL learning how to balance it all! Making sure everyone has what they need at all times can be extremely overwhelming.

Thank goodness for the help of Jesus!!

No really, I find such a peace in knowing and believing that Jesus will help me raise my four!! I digress – SMH!!

Now that I’m back on focus, I want to share with you 3 PRACTICAL products that have helped me tremendously this time around.

First up we have the Snuggle Me Organic. This product has been an ABSOLUTE lifesaver, not to mention a sleep saver!! Where was this product when I was a first-time mom?? OMG!!! Liam LOVES this patented sensory lounger. It is the BEST!! No, really!! It is. I can’t lie, I was a little apprehensive at first. All of the reviews were great, a little too great and I thought it was too good to be true. Some moms even swapped their Dock A Tot for the Snuggle Me!! Who would have thought??? During the first few weeks, Liam would sleep for hours at a time on this lounger. Now that he is 3 months, he still loves it. Do yourself a favor and get this item!! You’ll love it! 🙂 2019 Update: He Still LOVES it!

The next product you NEED is Ryan & Rose’s Cutie Pat. Ok, I know, not everyone wants a pacifier for their newborn. With Liam being baby #4, I NEEDED a pacifier this time around. LOL! We tried about 4 different pacifiers and none of the others worked as well as the Cutie Pat! What I love most about this pacifier is that it doubles as a teething ring too. So even if your little doesn’t like it at the beginning – which I doubt, you can use it later during the teething stage. Wait, did I mention how freaking cute the Pat Pat is!!!

Last but certainly not least is the INFAMOUS Boppy Pillow. I have used this product with all four of my kiddos. You can use this pillow even if you’ve not a breastfeeding mama. It is one of the most comfortable pillows I have ever used. No really, sometimes I’ll use it at night. LOL! Yes, it’s just that comfortable. So if you’re debating about getting this or not, GET IT!!

Hope you enjoyed this post!! I am in the process of creating a post about products you do NOT need for a newborn. So come back to check it out. Be sure to subscribe to my mailing list!! 🙂

Until next time…

Love you Mommyhero!!

Always remember, you are strong, you are great, and you can do anything!!!




  • Trineeta

    Thank you for this post! I have a set of almost 3 year old twins and expecting my second set in November. I’ve been trying to determine if I want to get the Snuggle Me but after reading this post, I’ll be buying two. Lol!! I’ve seen the Pat Pat so I may try that out too. Thank you again!!

  • Christa White

    Oh wow!! Two sets of twins?? You’re one strong mama!! You’ll love the Snuggle Me and the Pat Pat is great too!! Let me know how they work for you and your little ones!!

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