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3 Ultimate Self-Care Tips

Listen, I get it. We’re moms. We are the ultimate care givers. We pour and give ourselves endlessly. Sometimes, we need to make intentional time to care for ourselves. Self-care is the best care and we need to make deliberate time for ourselves. Self-care is critical for personal growth and development.  Go get a cup of coffee or glass of wine, sit back and enjoy the ULTIMATE self-care tips!

Mind – Your mind and thoughts dictate your life. We must learn to cultivate our emotions in an intelligent way. Taking care of our minds is most important to overall health. Keep your mind focused on positive things and positive things will happen. You have to protect your mind by protecting your thoughts. You can’t be around everyone. You can’t listen to negative words or conversations. You decide what enters your mind and thoughts and ultimately your life. Change your thoughts, change your mind! I love playing brain games! Lumosity is my favorite website for awesome brain games. It’ll definitely keep your brain in tip top shape! Another way to care for your mind is coloring! Yes, I LOVE adult coloring. It’s so therapeutic! One more thing you should try is prompt writing. Click here for an awesome prompt writing book! Now that we’ve taken care of our mind, let’s move on to the next ultimate tip for self-care!

Body – Move your body! My current workout regimen includes jumping around to Maui’s “You’re Welcome”. Please tell me I’m not the only mom who jams out to Moana’s soundtrack?! Ok, good!! LOL! Aside from my latest dancing sessions, my kiddos and I also take a daily walk to a local park! Just make sure you integrate some type of exercise into your daily schedule! It doesn’t have to be anything rigid, but it has to be SOMETHING! Another thing before we move on, PLEASE make sure you are drinking enough water. Drink YO water!! Ok, I lied. One more thing, eat YO greens. I try to make sure at least half of my plate is green. Yep, half! Take care of your bodies, mommies!

Soul – READ YOUR BIBLE!! You have to feed your spirit! It is a MUST for ultimate self-care! I LOVE the Book of Proverbs!! I believe the Book of Proverbs was created just for women! If you read it, you will see how it was catered just for you! Reading your Bible is a sure way to best care for your soul. Also, you have to protect your soul! Reading your Bible will fill your soul with positive, life building words. Those words will manifest into your world and will create something awesome!

Mommy, please make sure you set aside at least 30 minutes DAILY for yourself! It is crucial for us as mothers to fill ourselves with words that edify and will bring forth life. We want to speak life into our spouses and children. Be intentional about making sure you get the proper time to take care of yourself. Promise yourself that you will be your first priority!

Before I go, I created 30 days of awesome self-care ideas just for YOU! Click 30 Days Of Self-Care to get your printable GIFT! 🙂

Love you Mommyhero

Until next time…

You are strong. You are great. You can do anything.

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