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Encouraging Word To Empower Mothers

If you know me then you know I LOVE to encourage and empower women, especially mothers. It gives me pure joy!! I was having a conversation with a mommy-friend who was feeling stressed about the trials and triumphs that come along with motherhood. I want to share with you what I shared with her. Is that ok? Ok, cool!

Encouraging words for moms who are drowning in motherhood.


You are allowed to have emotions like any other human. Being a mother doesn’t change that. If you want to cry, cry. If you want to be angry, be angry. Just don’t allow those emotions to overtake you. YOU ARE IN CONTROL. Do not allow anyone to take that power away from you. There are moments I feel overwhelmed and in those moments I petition The Holy Spirit to help me. I allow Him to lead and guide me. But I allow myself to “feel” human. It’s in those moments I collect my emotions, breathe, and move to the next moment. Also, if I allow my children to witness an emotional moment, I ALWAYS make sure they see how I resolve. You want to give your children ways to appropriately handle emotional moments. They need to know emotions exist and how to effectively work through their feelings.

YOU are your child’s GREATEST advocate.

Fight for your child. Stand firm on your beliefs. You are powerful. Stand in POWER! Powerful mothers raise and nurture powerful children.

Enjoy It!!

Time is something SO valuable. Don’t exchange it lightly. Show up and be present. Children want ATTENTION, not just PRESENCE. I love creating experiences for my children to enjoy. I live to create memories with my children that’ll last a lifetime. I’m the giver of hugs, kisses, and tons of cuddles. Those “little” actions are confidence builders and self-esteem boosters.

Children want ATTENTION, not just PRESENCE.

Christa White
Confident moms cultivate confident children. – Christa White

Be YOU!!

God created ONE you. Be her. Love her. Respect her. Encourage her. You’re doing an AMAZING job! Your children don’t care if you’re perfect. They want YOU, love YOU, and need YOU.

Me being my BEST self. Momming around in my pj’s with Liam! 😍

Hope these were words of encouragement and empowerment! That’s it for now. Talk soon!

Until next time…

Always remember, you are strong. You are great, and you can do anything!

Love you!



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