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Dear Mommyhero,

Dear Mommyhero,

Every now and then I will drop in just to encourage YOU. You’ve been on my mind today and I must share my thoughts with you. I want to send you tons of hugs and positivity today! I want you to remember how strong you are. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the strength we carry. Life has a way of snatching our strength little by little, moment by moment. I want to use my words to send encouraging vibes today. Listen, it gets REAL out here on Mommyhero Lane! Trying to juggle the many roles we play can be overwhelming, to say the least. I want this blog to be a little pick me up for the real and honest moms who don’t mind sitting in their truth.

To the mom who is simply tired. You wake up tired and you go to bed tired. Not depressed, just tired. To the mom who doesn’t have the time or interest in daily makeup! To the mom who loves wearing workout gear and LuLaRoe because chasing toddlers all day is a definite workout. To the mom searching for a meaningful adult conversation. I’m speaking to you today! To the mom who’s up debating a breast augmentation because breastfeeding demolished her boobs. To the mom who can quote every word from Moana. To the mom who fed her children cereal for dinner because she has the right to do so. To the minivan mom who’s afraid to open her van door because the floor isn’t even visible! LOL! To the mom who just witnessed her toddler pull out every pot and pan and didn’t have the energy to stop her. To the mom who just finished arguing with her one-year-old. SMH! To the mom who gets pure excitement preparing school lunches! To the mom who wakes up every morning ready to serve her family. I empathize with you. I understand you. I’m here for you. We are ONE. Although I am one person, I stand for MANY!

Today, I want you to remember YOUR strength. You are one STRONG woman!! Find your inner hero and continue to conquer the world!! Put on your Mommyhero shirt and go save the day!!

Until next time…

I love you!

Always remember, you are strong, you are great, and you can do anything.


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