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Foods That Boost Breast Milk Supply

Hello, Mommyheroes!

Although my breastfeeding days are LONG over, I must admit – some days I miss breastfeeding! I love the power it gave me!! Talk about being a Mommyhero!! You’re sustaining your baby’s life with YOUR breast milk. Powerful, right?! When my breastfeeding journey began with my daughter Bailee, one of my main concerns was making sure I had enough milk. One of the biggest lessons I learned was to simply TRUST MY BODY. Your body knows how much milk your baby needs. I remember my production decreasing during my cycle – Aunt Flow is a pain!! During this time of the month, I would increase my intake of these foods!  If you are feeling like your production is low, here are the BEST foods that are guaranteed to boost your milk supply.

Oats – OMG! I ate oatmeal every single day. Most days I would have steel cut oats for breakfast. I am in love with overnight oats and all of the convenience it offers. You will see a tremendous increase in your supply by adding oats to your diet!

Spinach – Bring on the spinach!! I love spinach!!  I would add spinach to every meal. I would add it to my sandwiches, quinoa bowls, and whatever else I saw fit. If you don’t prefer the taste, just sneak it in a smoothie or salad. Easy peasy. Your baby will thank you!! 🙂

Fenugreek – There are tons of great milk producing teas with excellent sources of fenugreek. I am not so fond of the taste, so I found refuge in Mother’s Milk Tea! I would have this tea with every meal. Just add a bit of raw honey or agave and a lemon slice and you’re good to go!

Brewer’s Yeast – I am not sure how Brewer’s Yeast increases milk supply BUT it magically does! Breastfeeding mamas around the world RAVE about Brewer’s Yeast and it’s milk-producing powers. Just take a Brewer’s Yeast supplement along with your prenatal vitamin daily and watch the milk flow!

Flax Seeds – This superfood is excellent for you and your baby! You can add flax seed to a smoothie or you can sprinkle some on top of your oatmeal. Just make sure you are consuming this amazing food!

Water – I know, I know. So water is not a food BUT I believe water has the biggest impact on your milk supply. I would set a goal to drink at least a gallon a day to ensure you and baby are adequately hydrated. Water is a must for a successful breastfeeding journey! DRINK YOUR WATER!!

Let me know how these foods work for your milk supply! Also, if you have any other foods to add, leave them in the comments. I’d love to hear your feedback and I’m sure other moms would too! 🙂

Until next time…

Love you Mommyhero!

Always remember, you are strong, you are great, and you can do anything!



*Please consult with a Lactation Consultant about all of your breastfeeding concerns!

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