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The Top Life-Changing Words I Declare Every Single Day

As mothers, we give and pour ourselves into our families on a daily basis. These POWERFUL Daily Declarations help me stay full of life. As a result, I am able to pour life into my children daily.

Are you ready to declare these AMAZING, LIFE-CHANGING words over your life? Let’s get started!

1.  I embody everything my children will ever need.

2. I have the strength to fully embrace Motherhood.

3. I have the focus required to mother my children.

4. I will never allow anyone to take my Mommyhero power.

5. God will always direct me to do what is best for my children.

6. I have the knowledge and power to create multiple streams of income for my children.

7. I will accumulate generational wealth for my children.


8. My heart is open to love my children wholeheartedly.

9. Past pains and disappointments will not negatively affect my children or how I mother.

10. I am a remarkable mother.

11. I am a powerful woman.

12. I will always make the best decisions for my children.

13. I will not allow my “feelings” to cloud my ability to make responsible decisions.

14. I thoroughly enjoy Motherhood.

15. I am raising loving, responsible, integral, God-fearing human beings.


Always remember, You are strong. You are great. You can do anything.

Until next time…

Love you Mommyhero!

Have any personal declarations you’d like to share with me? Please leave them in the comments!!

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