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Mommyhero Admits: The Real Mom Life

Hello, Mommyheroes!!

This week has been less than stellar for me. Not complaining, but it’s been tough this week. Feeling a little overworked and underpaid. LOL!!

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Let me just say this, being a GOOD parent is tough. This week’s “toughness” taught me the importance of taking a moment. Take a moment to just breathe. Take a moment to just think. Take a moment to say NO. Take a moment to say thank you. Take your moments, mommies.

There are many times I feel guilty for not having a “stellar” job performance EVERY SINGLE DAY. Dirty dishes, kiddos not feeling well, drying the same load of clothes for two days straight, behind on Mommyhero work, not to mention my children eating chicken nuggets for dinner – Yes, I’m that mom! What I am learning is that IT’S OK!! As long as my children are healthy, happy, and smiling, it’s ok and life is GOOD!

Mom life is real and I want to share my REAL MOMents more often. I’m over the “My children don’t have tantrums.”, “My children only eat organic foods.”, “My children don’t bicker.”, “I love being called 1000002833445 times a day.” “My children are perfect little well-behaved angels.”

Yeah, right woman!

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Listen, I LOVE motherhood. BUT it should be ok if I don’t want my two-year-old rubbing my arm all day. It should be ok if I get tired of hearing “MOMMY” a hundred million times a day. It should be ok if my children eat cereal and other processed foods. It should be ok for me to post a picture of my children NOT looking “all the way together” without the fear of being turned into a mommy shamed viral sensation. It’s sad that we’ve placed these unrealistic mommy expectations on ourselves. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we do this to each other?

Perfection is SO overrated!!

Let’s do better. Let’s do better for ourselves and each other. Motherhood is HARD. SUPER HARD!! Let’s embrace the REAL MOMents of motherhood. Those are the moments that connect us. Those are the moments that offer a sense of encouragement to other moms who may be having an “I can’t-do this today” moment! Let’s encourage one another. Let’s build and not tear down! No more judging and mommy shaming! Today, I want you to encourage a mommy. Tell her she’s doing an amazing job. Tell her she’s beautiful! Tell her, SHE CAN DO THIS!!

Until next time…

Love you Mommyhero!

Always remember, you are strong, you are great and you can do anything!


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