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Purpose Doesn’t Need Permission

So you have an amazing idea, right?! You have completed all of the required work to bring your idea to life. Yet, you wait…

And wait….

And wait!!!

“I’ll get it done tomorrow”, you say! Then tomorrow turns into next week and next week turns into next year.

Listen, I get it, I’ve been there and done that. Let me tell you something, make your dreams a priority! Often times, your dreams are connected to your purpose, and guess what? Your purpose doesn’t need permission.

When I started Mommyhero, there were a million and one excuses I could’ve used to prolong making my dreams a reality. And for a while, I did! Until one day, I vividly remember asking myself what I was waiting for!! What was I waiting for?  Really? Did I not think I would succeed? Did I not think anyone would see a need for Mommyhero? Did I not believe in myself? Did I think my family would want me to have a more “traditional” career? Whatever it was, it paralyzed me.

I like to keep this blog very light and typical. But there’s more to Mommyhero than just sharing mommy advice, favorite products, and breastfeeding tips. Mommyhero was created to prove to mothers that you don’t need permission or validation from ANYONE to make your dreams a reality. YOU CAN DO IT!! I had to prove to myself that my ideas, thoughts, and wifi was all I needed to succeed!  That’s it, mommies! It’s just that simple. Hard, yet simple!

Today, I want to remind you to CHASE your dreams down! I know it sounds SUPER cliche, but I want to remind you that your ideas are amazing. Your ideas may be “typical” or they may be “unheard of” but guess what? Your ideas are needed!

Daily, I thank God for the people He has called me to! I am amazed that there are Mommyheroes all over the world waiting for me. Like me, you have people waiting on YOUR purpose to be fulfilled! How long will you keep them waiting? You don’t need permission. We’re waiting on YOU!!!

Until next time…

Love you Mommyhero!

Always remember you are strong, you are great, and you can do anything.

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