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The Best Vitamins For Kids

Hello, Mommyheroes,

It’s FALLLLLL yall!!! Now that Fall is in full effect. It’s time to start pumping my kiddos full of vitamins. I know I’m not the only mom who forgets to give out daily multi-vitamins during the Spring and Summer!! Now is the time to get serious about daily multivitamins for my children. During the Fall and Winter seasons, I take extreme measures to make their little immune systems can stand up against this season’s germs.UGH!! Along with healthy fruits and veggies, vitamins are great for their little immune systems! Here are a few vitamins we’ve tried in the past and my opinion of them. Please leave your favorite vitamins for your kiddos in the comments!! Oh, we do allow gummy vitamins, we just give them before they brush their teeth at night!! 🙂


First up is OLLY Kids’ Multivitamin & Probiotic!!

My kiddos love this vitamin. What I love about it most is it’s a two-in-one which is much easier for me to remember. #MomBrain is REAL as a mom of four! LOL!! They never complained about the taste, so I’m guessing it tastes like candy!! 🙂 #MomWin

Up next is Smarty Pants Kids Probiotic Complete Daily Vitamin!!

Here’s another great two-in-one!! Although this is a great gummy vitamin, the serving size is 4!!!! That’s way too many with three kiddos taking them on a daily basis. These vitamins are good, they just didn’t work for us.

What I love most about Rainbow Light Kid’s One Vitamin is its effectiveness. Not to mention the price point for 90 tablets is a plus!!

When my kiddos were taking this vitamin there immune systems seemed very strong. We went through an entire Winter season without ONE cold or virus. The only set back is the texture. My children hated the texture. Although now they are a little older we may try this one this Winter! 🙂

Ok so here is my FAVORITE vitamin for kids. Hyperbiotics’ PRO-Kids Vitamin works great for toddlers and big kids. It works great AND my kiddos loved the flavor, AND it’s not a gummy for all the parents who don’t want their kid taking gummy vitamins.

They are super small and very easy to swallow. Bailee, my three year old had no problem taking this vitamin. I will be adding this vitamin to our Fall and Winter wellness regimen for the second year!

I hope you enjoyed this great list of vitamins for kids! Praying we all make it through this Fall and Winter with NO colds, viruses, or the flu!! Also, don’t forget to leave me some of your favorite vitamins for your kiddos in the comments! 🙂

Until next time…

Love you Mommyhero!!

Always remember, you are STRONG. You are GREAT, and you can do ANYTHING!!




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