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The Mommyhero Mindset: YOU DON'T NEED PERMISSION

Hey, Mommyheroes! It is 4:31 am, kids and hubby are peacefully sleeping the night away and I am WIDE awake, AGAIN! This is beginning to become the story of my life! Like, seriously. I’m up thinking about life, about tomorrow and the days after tomorrow. The future keeps waking me. All of the opportunities that are waiting for me have me wide awake. No worrying, no doubting, just PURE EXCITEMENT! I am excited about MY future! Sooooo, I want to take this time to remind you that there are NO limits, NO glass ceilings. As women, and more specifically mothers, we have been conditioned to choose. As if to say we are incapable of having it ALL. We can have it all, mommies! The career, the love, the family, the success, THE DREAM! We don’t have to choose anymore. The women before us paved the way for us to NEVER have to choose again.  I meet so many mothers who “feel” they have to choose between motherhood and success!  Motherhood IS success. They CAN abide in the same space. Your children should be your biggest motivators! It’s time to shift your mindset to only see motherhood as a WIN, not as a loss. I often times feel super overwhelmed with balancing life as a wife, mother, and building my brand. IT’S HARD WORK – BUT, it’s possible. As you can see, sleep has become a distant friend, but I’m choosing to have it ALL. I refuse to wait. I refuse to be contained or boxed in. I refuse to follow the rules as it relates to fulfilling MY dreams. Stop allowing people and society to tell you what you can and cannot have – what you can and cannot do. You don’t need permission. Hear me again, YOU DO NOT NEED PERMISSION! JUST DO IT! Wake up and GO FOR IT. What are you waiting for? This is the Mommyhero Mindset. We plan. We execute. That’s it. WE don’t wait for validation or stamps of approval! God has already validated you! God has given you everything you need to be successful! So get up! The world is ready to see your greatness!

Before I go I want to remind you of your STRENGTH, GREATNESS, and your ability to do ANYTHING! 🙂

Talk soon!!

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