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The Most Dangerous Product For Babies

Hello, Mommyheroes!

When I came across this research I knew I had to share the information IMMEDIATELY!! Just the thought of me using this product with my older children makes my heart drop. I thought this product was safe but boy was I wrong. If you are currently using this product, please throw it away immediately. Pediatricians have now urged parents to get rid of this product and are hoping manufacturers will stop producing it all together.


Say bye-bye to Baby Walkers!!!


If you are currently using a walker, THROW IT OUT NOW!!!! Research has shown babies have fallen down stairs and have suffered minor concussions. Some babies have even tipped over in them. While I understand being a parent and using the walker as a “babysitter” while you use the restroom, or assisting a sibling, it’s just not worth injury or even death to your little one. So if you or anyone you know are using a walker, PLEASE discontinue NOW!!!

Here are a few safer alternatives…

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