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Healthy Living Product Of The Month

I am in LOVE with Amazing Grass’s Green Superfood. Here’s to my efforts to omit coffee from my diet. LOL! I purchased this superfood packed product a few months ago. I must say, it works amazingly well. I just add a scoop in my morning smoothie! I now have consumed tons of fresh fruits and wholesome vegetables! Not to mention probiotics, spirulina, wheat grass, and matcha green tea! Amazing, right?! Try it out, mommies!

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Toddler Book Of The Month

Shel Silverstein everyone!!! This best-selling author captivates you with his creative writing style. As a child, I was an avid Shel Silverstein reader, I grew up reading, Where The Sidewalk Ends and A Light In The Attic. As a parent, it’s my duty to introduce my children to outstanding, prolific styles of writing while they’re young. Shel Silverstein is one of the best children’s book authors of all time. This book is a great read and it captures your imagination from the first few words! It’s a MUST READ for you and your little one!

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Great Read Of The Month

As mothers, it is our duty to equip our children with proper tools for success. THIS BOOK IS A MUST HAVE! I am far from a money genius, however, I will teach my children how to properly make and manage money at a young age. Make Your Kid A Money Genius by Beth Kobliner is a life-changing book that will help you teach your children how to make financially WISE decisions from age 3 to 23. When we know better, we MUST do better! You don’t need to BE a money genius to MAKE a money genius. You have the power to make your child(ren) a money genius! I’m not in the business of convincing, I just LOVE presenting mothers with great information. You NEED the information this book offers! Mmmmmk?!

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Making Mommyhero Moves

Plan Your Day!

If you don’t have a plan, your plan is to fail. Daily planning sheets are a Godsend. Every evening after the little ones are tucked in, I plan the next day. When I wake in the morning, my plans are ready to execute! I love it. It allows me to clearly envision my day, so I don’t get thrown off when “little” things happen. I have created a Mommyhero Moves Daily Planning Sheet just for you. Click, here to download a FREE printable planning sheet! Enjoy!


Oh, I have something else for you. A FREE Gratitude Journal printable just for YOU. It’s yours if you want it. I love writing down all that I am thankful for every evening. I think it keeps me grounded, humble, and grateful. Life is good and I just want to always STAY in a place of THANKS! Get your FREE Gratitude Journal, here!